Mary Simpson’s To Blame For This One

…many, many, moons ago I sent out an email looking for email subject ideas.

This had sprung from someone I’d followed, who wrote an email on a subject I’d picked for him….”Transvestite Dwarves.”

And, good to his word, Luke pulled it off with a hilarious email on that topic.

That email, led to me writing a weird one of my own …Fish Head Stew. (You can find it on the blog if you’re curious.)

Now, thanks to the power of autoresponder’s and repurposing my content, that blast from the past came back again.

Write one with the subject….
“Angry squirrel trees small dog for stealing acorn”
– Mary asked.

Now, I don’t know if I missed something in translation, or those above are subject ideas, but I’ll run with what I have. Let me ask you  question – Have you ever noticed how something as small as a squirrel can piss off an animal
many times it’s size? Even though it’s small, it can sit there nibbling away on it’s stolen acorn, without a care in the world.

The dog on the other hand, barks, leaps, runs around, but knows deep down that it’s all for show – they’re never going to get up there.  But if they’re making noise, it looks like they’re doing something proactive.

But, we know better.

That to me, is a good illustration of email marketing in a
‘nut’ shell.

There’s no quicker way of stealing sales from your much larger competition than by writing a regular email to your list.  Once you’ve built a bond – and proven that you have a pulse – means you’ll always be one step ahead.

Your competition on the other hand, won’t see it that way.

….You’re a poor writer….
….You’ve got no talent…
….You’re not qualified to teach that….

They’ll bark all over social media and to anyone that’ll listen to them. – How could an upstart like you do that
to them?

You, on the other hand, can smile down from your lofty perch, knowing you can do it whenever you want to.

….All it takes is to write another email.   

Want to steal more acorns from under your competition’s nose? Go here. 

PS – And once you start, you can use that content in as many ways as you want for even more sales.

But don’t tell your competition that it’s this easy.