Me…In Ten Words

…if I asked you to sum yourself up in ten words what would it be?

Now for me….this was the ‘Past’ me.

“Too shy for his own good. Needed permission to start.”

Ring any bells with anyone?

– I was afraid of standing out from the crowd.
– I was afraid of criticism.
– I was afraid of people unfollowing me.
– I needed to own a course on a topic to prove that I could start that thing. – Instead of going to YouTube,
watching a few videos, and just getting started.

And the ‘Me’ up there, was like that even before I came online. I lived my life like that for years.

The me ‘Now’ in ten words…

‘Knows that imperfect action is better than thinking about it.’

I know my emails, videos, podcasts, and courses aren’t the best that can be…I can always be better…
but they’re out there.

They’re out there.

They’re not sitting on my hard drive waiting for another rewrite.

They’re not sitting on my hard drive, because they’re not good enough yet.

They’re not sitting on my hard drive because I need to know more.

They’re out there.

Same goes for you too.

Your stuff should be out there. 

Another ten words that sum me up now…

‘Surprises himself with what he’s able to get away with.’

Like putting a link at the bottom of this email for a course that can show you how to make money from all your old ‘not good enough’ content.

Here’s another ten words for ya!

Click the link, make something, and then go sell it!