Mike Made My Day Yesterday….

….”Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do! I’ve been writing all my life. Been published in over 40 countries. Wrote a giveaway book 20 years ago, but I have never made any money from writing at all.

My issues has always been ‘What can I write about?’ I’m a new member on your monthly membership.

Best $27 I have ever spent. I have had a million ideas just from reading your emails and your blog. I got the Kindle connection straight away and already have my first book underway.

Thank you for all that you are and all that you do.”

Mike Lewis
Jokingly, I said I was glad that my work gave him the kick up the butt he needed.

Wrong word choice.

Seems Mike’s passion is showing people how to defend themselves and how to…’literally’…….kick butt.


But that’s what I love about this gig.

Just because you’ve got a passion like Mike’s, doesn’t mean you can’t write articles, set up a blog, create videos, or work with a mailing list.

If you’ve got a product….a customer that wants it…..it’s your duty to help those customers with their problems…..even if it’s a coloring book to give them some stress relief.

Mike said that the WriteCome membership was the best $27 he spent.

I’d agree with him.

I’ve bought ebooks in that past, for that price, that didn’t show me half of what members get each month.

Email Ace is going up in price tomorrow.

If you want to save yourself the $60 increase, you better act now. 

I can’t teach what Mike can….but learning to write emails is one way of defending yourself from the competition.