Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

..‘You and I do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” – Herb Cohen.

Ever look in the mirror and see nothing but your big nose, bags under your eyes, or a host of other things wrong with you?

But to others they’re invisible.

To quote T.H. Huxley – “There are people who see a great deal and some who see very little in the same things.”

You see it in book reviews all the time. – Two people read the same book, one see’s it as a one star disaster, the other, a five star masterpiece.

And yet, both have read the exact same words.

Even my own products have the same happen to them from time to time.

‘That thing you’re teaching is too simplistic’

‘It’s too hard.’

‘I can’t do what you do, showing up every day.’

‘There has to be more to what you do than just writing a email a day.’

‘You’re charging how much, for a half hour video?’

‘That half hour video saved me a fortune.’

All the same stuff, but people coming to it with their own internal baggage. – Kinda like rose tinted glasses, but all various shades.

That’s why I always rotate my products with my daily emails.

Take my ‘Super Simple Coloring Books’ as a prime example.

Could making coloring book images be that easy?

I know some people passed on it because of that, ‘internal excuse.’

When they wise up, it’ll still be here for them.

PS – They probably also find the bonus where I show them how to make money from their images hard to swallow too.

Ah well, I can’t save everyone from themselves.

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