‘Money Isn’t Everything, But…

…”Money isn’t everything it takes the sting out of being poor, though.” – ‘Del Boy’ Totter – Only Fools And Horses
If you’ve never seen the show, ‘Only Fools And Horses,’ it was one of the biggest comedies on UK TV, many moons ago.

And with good reason, it was well written and perfectly acted.

We all followed Del, his brother Rodney, and either Grandpa or Uncle Albert, as tried their best to make some quick
bucks out of the back of their three wheeled van.

They usually ended the show looking like they were getting ahead when success was clutched from out of their hands.

But you could be guaranteed one thing, Del would be back working on his dream. His mantra was always, ‘This time next year we’ll be millionaires.’

And it did happen eventually, but he had to go through a lot to get there.

It took a lot of work, putting himself in situations that were beyond him, and doing a lot of self promotion.

Things many Guru’s won’t tell you nowadays. 

We always get the photo-shopped version, either they copy and paste themselves into an attractive background (girl friend, sports car) or they leave out the hard work it took to get where they are.

..well…because…showing up everyday, writing, promoting yourself, working on your business when it’s no bigger than you at the dining table…that’s not secksy.

A push button, 10 second traffic widget is, though. And we fall for it.

Surely in this day and age, with all this technology, we shouldn’t have to work hard, right?


Somethings will never change.

It’s going to take butt in your seat time, and you getting out of your comfort zone.

The stuff on WriteCome isn’t instant or secksy, but if you work it it’ll get you closer to your goal.


PS  – I’d also like to take a moment to give Brenda – ‘BG Jenkins’ a shout out. She’s everywhere at the moment.

I’m beginning to think she’s cloned herself.

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