Mother of God!

….kinda gets your attention, doesn’t it?

I know it did when my seven year old son, Finn, exclaimed it as we were doing the school run last week.

I turned to my daughter, Lauren, who was sitting opposite me in the car.

“Did you hear that?”

Her grin answered my question.

“Where did he pick that up…you?”

…Him and her are as thick as thieves, and being 16, I know he mimics a lot of what she says and does.

She pointed to herself. “Me?…Have you ever heard me say that?”

That was true. I didn’t know anyone in the house that ever used that term.

I looked back down the people carrier
to Finn.

“Where did you hear that?”

“I dunno?” He shrugged his shoulders, but with a glint in his eye, knowing he said something he shouldn’t.

Honestly, he could have picked it up anywhere, and it was funny for a moment. But it’s things like that that make you pause and take notice.

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