Motivation Without Action Is Worthless

I don’t know if this statement was made by either Zig Ziglar, or Jim Rohn, but it always made me smile.  I’ll paraphrase it here. He said that an idiot that goes to a motivational seminar, looking to  get pumped up,  will still be an idiot. But a motivated one instead.

I see this a lot on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter everyday. Everybody liking, clicking and sharing motivational images, but for the vast majority of these people this is as far as it goes. I’d imagine if it was ever calculated, the vast majority of people do nothing with that motivation.  I think if you got a 2% action rate for a motivational image that would be high. Same goes with reading.

For those that do buy books and actually read them through to the last page (which is slim)  the vast majority don’t actually take action on what’s in that book. Sure, it feels like we’re making a change in our life by reading books on motivation and inspiration, but if you’re not taking action on that motivation and inspiration, that book was a total waste of time and money.

I’ll put my hand up, I used to do that too. I felt that by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button on the Amazon store, that my life was suddenly going to change by going through the process of reading it and owning that book. But it never did. Fact is, I lost valuable time by reading these types of books and not doing anything with that inspiration and motivation.

So the next time you feel inspired to click ‘Like or share’ on a motivational image, ask yourself this question, ‘Am I going to do anything with this motivation?’ Chances are, if you’re not going to do anything with that inspiration, neither is the next person you’re sharing with.

Sermon over.

2 thoughts on “Motivation Without Action Is Worthless”

  1. Nice read my friend. It feels good to read and get all motivated. But like you said, if you don’t get up and act on that feeling sometime or another then it’s judt there. It is much better to get something done.
    I shared on my little Facebook account. I am sure someone will take your words to heart.

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