Move Over Shakespeare….It’s My Birthday.

Alright, maybe Shakespeare’s 454 years old, but that handsome little chappie down there is still standing on the sod, and not under it.

Yes, folks it’s my birthday. So as you can guess, I’m celebrating making it around the sun safely for another year. This is the 46th time….an age that many moons ago I thought was ancient. Now that I’m here…I still think I’m a
spring chicken….the mirror on the other hand has a different opinion.

That’s another thing I noticed, the older you get, the less time you spend looking in it.


Comparing myself to Shakespeare.

– Better hair line – check.
– Can speak in a language most people understand – check.
– Creates all his own work (Not sure about Shakespeare, jury’s still out on that one ) – check.

Will I be celebrated in another 400 or so years?

Odds aren’t good.

But for now you can celebrate my ‘own work’ because my coloring book keyword package is still on sale at a – as low as it’s going to be – price.

I had an email yesterday that told me, ‘No thanks.’    🙂

Guess like Shakespeare you can’t please everyone.

I’ll leave the last word to my Klingon fore-headed friend.

“Who seeks, and will not take when once ’tis offered, shall never find it more.”

Or to put it in my own speak…

You snooze, you lose.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Donations toward my gold plated Lear jet are more than welcomed.