‘Mr Fear’s On The Line…’

…when I used to work in a call centre it used to amaze me at the names people had…take Mr Fear for example.

Not a name you hear every day, and if anything, it sounded like a Stephen King character.

Thinking he said ‘Sear,’ I found out that no, I was right, he was indeed Mr Fear.

Mr Fear……I wondered what his younger life like? Was he bullied for it? Where the girls afraid of him? Did he live up to his name? Was there a Mrs Fear….or had she kept her maiden name? Why hadn’t he changed it, did he like the attention he got answering that name?

Now,  what would your Mr Fear look like? What’s his job? Where does he live? What car does he drive? Where does he get his groceries from?

Asking yourself those types of questions is one of the easiest way to create a character for your next fiction book. – One that lives long after your reader’s closed your book.

Not everyone’s got what it takes to be a writer…but everyone’s got an imagination they can use to come up with a cast of characters for a book.

You can get someone else to do all the heavy lifting using this.

PS – What was he like? I’ll leave that answer up to your imagination.  🙂

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