“Mr T’s Dead?!”

….and no, this hasn’t anything to do with the recent internet hoax, but one that took place in a school playground in the 1980’s.

“Mr T’s dead?” I was shocked. “Really? How?”

“He was lifting a car and his heart exploded.”

Why Mr T would ever get the notion to lift a car…OR have his heart explode through his chest…is beyond me.

But living in a world that was pre-internet and being a gullible kid….I couldn’t believe it.

My Hero from the A- Team was dead?

And all because he wanted to lift a car?

Like a GIF image, I saw the same scene playing over and over again in my head.

That’s what it’s like nowadays in the publishing world. People say crazy things and if you don’t know the truth, you fall for it.

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PS – You’d be a “Crazy fool” to miss it.

PPS – The last man who made eye contact with Mr. T was Ray Charles.

PPPS – There is no sun, just Mr T’s gold chains