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My Own Problems With The Russians

…while it looks like Trump has put his Russian problem behind him..…depending on what party you support…I’ve been having my own problems with them.

In that they hacked into the WriteCome site two weeks ago and locked yours truly out of it. – Thankfully, that’s behind me and I’m back in control.

While at the time it was very frustrating, I’m going to put a Donald spin on it.

“Listen…they could have hacked any website in the world, but they chose mine. That was due to the ‘unbelievable’ amount of great content inside it……many people would love to have a website filled with as much content as I have in the WriteCome member’s area….that’s a lot of ….content…a…lot…of…content.

Take the ‘Book About Rolodex’ as an example……no one in the world is giving away a document with as much content in it as I am….believe me, it’s scary how much content I’m giving away in it. …Unbelievable….It’s unbelievable the amount of content in it…..Do you know there are almost four thousand keyword searches in it….four thousand…..that’s a big number….it’s a big number I tell ya.

Because of that….I’ve heard even the Russians have been trying to get there hands on it… joke….they tried their best to get into the WriteCome site…but we kick them out…..can you imagine that? How many other sites like mine do you think they hacked….I’d say zero……..unbelievable…’s really unbelievable what they tried.

That’s why I’m putting a bigger wall around the site…and locking away the ‘Book About…Roledex’ very soon……very….soon….that’s what you’ve got to do to protect a site as amazing as mine….many people have told me my site’s amazing…..many, many, people….”

While I’d love to have Donald ramble on for another while, I think you’ve heard enough.

The ‘Book About..Rolodex’ is going away very soon, but you can still get a copy while we’re building a bigger wall.

After that, well, it’s adios amigo.

Book About…Rolodex.

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