Need A Hug?

…today’s officially Nation Hug Day. A day where you’ll either end up with a black eye, or on some kind of register somewhere.

Now, the person that came up with that idea probably thought it was a good idea, but in this day and age of #metoo and Gillette’s new ad – I think it’s safer to keep your hands in your pockets,  and have an alibi as to where you were. – But that’s just me.

That’s like a lot of things I see in the writing and publishing word…..people who throw out a notion because it sounds good in theory and yet has no practicality to it. – And they’ve never done it themselves

They throw out ideas on book reviews…..emailing…social media ideas…podcasts…you name it, all of which, usually has as much practical use as a wet cardboard box.

Me, I like walking my talk. That’s how most of the WriteCome products came about. And that’s why I don’t have a problem accepting money for them.

Because….as TV ad once put it…’They do exactly what it says on the tin.’

One of things I’m proud of is the free report on the WriteCome site. Compared to what others give away for free, (or what I call sh*te), this has a lot of nuggets of wisdom in it. Some of which will put you on the right path
with your writing.

But you probably already know that. – And that’s why I’m not directing you there.

If you know anyone who’s going through a tough time you could give them a hug…..or you could send them to the link below.

One will make them feel better for 5 minutes…..the other well, it’s good info they can use starting today.

Here’s the link to share…

And if you don’t want to do it for me, then do it for the children.

PS – Who those kids are, I haven’t a clue, just thought I throw it in to see if it would make you take action.  🙂

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