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Dear Friend,

It seems like you can’t pick up a paper or magazine nowadays without seeing a story about a maverick self-published author coming out of nowhere and hitting the top of the bestselling book charts.

And it’s no wonder. Every day authors are turning their backs on the traditional published routes and going it their own way. Which not only allows them to get their words and picture books out there but means that they can keep the majority of the profits for themselves.
Self Publishing Isn't Going To Go Away
Like a genie that’s broken free, self-published authors and publishers aren’t ever going to back to the restrictions placed on them.

And why would they? When you’ve got the ability to write and create the type of book you want to, why would you ever go back to being told what you can and cannot do?

But with all that freedom comes a lot of problems. For all the successes you hear of, the road to self-published riches is littered with casualties. When you’re going it alone, you’re left with having to juggle more than just your book creation.
What You Don't Know Are The Things
That Can Kill Your Success
Let me introduce myself, my name is Barry J McDonald and twelve years ago I made my first venture into the world of self publishing releasing the book on the right there, ‘Father Christmas B.C’

It was a simple 22 page children’s book about a little dinosaur that delivered presents at Christmas time.

I’d love to tell you that it soared up the charts making me a fortune beyond my dreams, but it didn’t.

It was probably more of a blip than anything else, but it opened my eyes to the ability that anyone could take their labor of love and have the opportunity to sell it to the world.
I Also Made A Ton Of Mistakes
Remember I said earlier that when you don't know what you don't know it can cost you.

Take for example the series of picture books I planned to create. When you don't know how or where to hire a good illustrator you end up paying premium prices that wipe out any profits you can make.

Then there's book promotion. If you don't know what or where to go to promote your book no one will ever know about it.

Oh and don't forget book reviews. Readers don't like buying a book with no book reviews on it. And if you don't know how to get book reviews, the right way, you lose books sales and can get your account closed down on some platforms.
If I Didn't Find A Solution To These Problems
I'd Always Be Stacking Shelves
Let's just say when you're skint and watching your money, you get creative. Take creating children's picture book as an example. With a little homework and trail and error I discovered how to create amazing looking books with hiring an illustrator.

Book reviews were another hurdle for me, but I discovered an easy way to build a list of book reviewers-saving myself hundreds of dollars.

My next obstacle was fiction writing. When you haven't written a thing since high school and you know that there's great money in writing short fiction, I needed to get myself up to speed on plotting and character creation.
Then Friends Began Asking Me Questions
Because of my little success with self publishing, some friends began asking me questions.

"How do I go about creating a children’s picture book?"

"How do you get your books in all the bookstores?"

"How do you sell more books?"

"How do you write fiction?"

"How do you create paperback books?"

And on and on the questions came.

Being in those positions I knew only too well the mistakes that people make when they create and release books, and I showed them how to avoid them, and cut a HUGE chunk off their learning curve.

“You should make a course out of this,” one friend said, jokingly.

And he was right. If I could show people how to do the same for themselves, I knew I’d feel a lot better about myself. It’s one thing to make money, but it doesn’t beat the satisfaction of reading an email from a happy newly published author that’s ecstatic at holding their book in their hands.
One Course Became Two, Then Three...
“OK,” I said, and I got to work on my first course. Taking what I knew on creating picture books, I set to work on making it. Then like the books, that course grew from one to two, to three, to four… you get the idea.

But each time I was asked a question on a topic I created a report, video, or course on that topic to help my fellow authors to make money selling their books.

Some questions even came in on other topics like, how can I make money on other writing ideas?
All Of That Became…
I wanted to make a place where people could learn how to make money from their words. And not just in the days and weeks ahead, but month and years from now.

Because...self publishing is the absolute quickest and easiest way to create a residual income fortune

And I now I want to show you what I’ve learned, things like…
  • How even a newbie can get their book not only in the Amazon kindle store, but in all the major bookstores!
  • A surefire way to get readers to review your books for FREE.
  • Plus how to make money creating books that don’t even have a single word of text in them - other than your name and the book title!

I know, these sound like bold claims. But I’ve used everything I’m writing about. I’ve shared these same strategies with countless other new authors and writers so that they could make money from their writing.

And I know these little-known writing secrets will work for you too.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.
"I want to thank you Mr. McDonald for giving me the inspiration to write this book. I would have never done it if I hadn't come across your class. I had in my mind to write about my daughter's journey with her heart defect, but I always thought it was something too far out of my reach. Your class is wonderful. You have brought such light into my life."

Thank you again, Imee Cuison

Now it’s your turn to get results…
Are YOU Ready To Make Money From Self Publishing?
Here’s a sneak peek at what you get when you become a member of
  • A little-known way to create and publish amazing children’s picture books even if you can’t draw!
  • At last! Find out what successful authors do so that they stay successful!
  • Revealed: Why the common mistake that you need to be a great writer to make money is a MYTH!
  • A sneaky little trick to churn out children’s coloring books faster than a Japanese car assembly line.
  • You’ll discover a legal way to keep your readers eyes on you and your books and away from your competitors – it’s like stealing candy from a baby!
  • You’ll discover my 26-step process for creating amazing fictional characters that leap off the page– if you want to sell more fiction books you need this!
  • A dead-simple way to create and send rapport building emails to your customers, so they buy more from you!
  • You’ll find out how to master the art of creating digital products to make more money in as little as a few hours.
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  • A proven way to build a list of willing book reviewers without spending a penny.
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  • How to churn out a water tight plot for your next fiction book even if you’ve never written one before.
  • And much, much more!
And That's Not The Half Of It!
Not only will you have full access to products, like the ones I spoke of above, but I'm constantly adding more and more great content every month.

Here's just some of the training waiting for you right now…

A-Z Of Character Building

Your fiction will live or die on the characters in your books. Write poor ones and you've got a poor book.

But...write great ones and you'll have readers speed reading through your books.

Even if you've never written fiction before, this video course will have you up and running in no time.

Keyword Research For Beginners

There's no point in writing books on topics that no one wants or needs.

With Keyword Research for Beginners you'll have at hand all the keyword research you could ever need.

So you'll know exactly what your readers are looking for on sites like Amazon, and what keywords are the most profitable so you'll make the most money you can from your work.

Super Simple Coloring Books

Want to add another income stream to your publishing business?

Then discover the easiest way to churn out profit pulling low content books?

In Super Simple Coloring Books you're going to discover that making and selling amazing coloring books, is literally child's play.

Email Writing For Beginners

If you want to make money on a consistent basis, you NEED to know how to write emails to your list.

In Email Writing For Beginners you'll discover how to use this skill in your business so that your customers pay attention to no one, but you.

If you're serious about your self publishing business this is one skill you really need to know.

12 Surefire Ways To Sell More Books

Creating books is one thing, selling them is another thing.

In 12 Surefire Ways To Sell More Books you'll going to discover the best and easiest ways to sell more books to your audience.
What's Also Waiting Inside For You...
There's Nothing Like Writecome Anywhere Online
But don't take my word for it…
Here's what Louise Said...

"I just wanted to drop a quick note about what an amazing job you did with this course. I wanted to thank you for being so thorough and adding video and websites to use for creating unique content. Most of all, I wanted to thank you for making it accessible to those of us on shoestring budgets. Most of the online courses like this go for hundred or more (please don't do that when you get well known, which seems to be the case with most). I have bought a few of those courses and they are no better, or less better, than the one you have created. Most downloads are worthless pdf's that regurgitate well known info easily gotten from the internet. Not so with cheap children's book course. Please keep up the wonderful work. It is well appreciated by those of us in the trenches!"

Many thanks. - Louise Willis Owner of my *Cheap Children's Picture book course.

Eibhlin added...

"This is a fresh, fascinating report. Barry's insights are great. But, what really makes this stand out is the presentation. Barry clearly understands how to spark creative thinking. Forget those tired old "character questionnaires." (Yes, they put me to sleep, too.) Barry's approach is different and he delivers a variety of techniques. Select just one or two, and you'll soon have authentic backstories for your characters. For me, this report was a quick read, but a valuable one. From now on, I'll re-read Barry's report before writing any book that features people. Barry's advice is useful for fiction as well as "based on a true story" projects and nonfiction. I recommend this refreshing report."

Eibhlin - Owner of my *Fictional Character building course.

Then there's Sherry...
  • Barry's Super Simple Coloring Books training was a refreshing surprise! He delivers exactly what he promises and a whole lot more. 
    Not only do you get a training that shows you exactly how to easily create coloring pages, it's how he delivers it that made it worth so much more. 
    He doesn't make you download a huge zip file that you have to unpack somewhere to access the training. I hate that. He simply delivers you to the page with all the videos, right there, ready to watch. No hoops to jump through, no account setup first. That meant I was able to access and enjoy the lessons right from my smartphone!
    If you wonder if there's really a way you can make coloring books with no special software and zero artistic ability, this is it! Highly recommended both for the unique methods I've never seen before, and 5 stars for the way he delivers his training."
Sherry Hill
How Much?
I know what you're thinking...

How Much?

You’ve probably seen other products like the ones above, some costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and you’re thinking that you’re going to have to invest at least the same in order to gain access to the learning hub.

But you don’t have to pay $1000. You don’t have to pay $197. You don’t even have to pay $147.

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But I know you won’t find the volume of content anywhere else for a lower price.
Not having the excuse that a lack of knowledge is what's stopping you from following your self publishing dream.

Having the belief that the work that you're creating is going to make a difference in peoples lives and, just as importantly, make you money.

And not being distraction by the latest bright shiny publishing object because everything you need is at hand.
- If you need to work on your fiction skills, you can go to the fiction section.
- If you need to work on your promotion skills, you can study the book promotion material.
- If you want to learn how to build a mailing list of readers and want to write to them, that there's courses waiting for you.
- If you want to make digital products to enhance your work, and make bigger profits, that there's content there for you.

Sound's good, right?
Best Money I Have Ever Spent...

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do! I’ve been writing all my life. Been published in over 40 countries. Wrote a giveaway book 20 years ago, but I have never made any money from writing at all. My issues has always been ‘What can I write about?’ I’m a new member on your monthly membership. I have had a million ideas just from reading your emails and your blog. I got the Kindle connection straight away and already have my first book underway. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do.

Mike Lewis

Vickie Added...

I joined a few weeks ago after having gotten your courses on "Cheap Children's Books" and "Super Simple Plotting". I love your over-the-shoulder technique of teaching and doing it in real time. Your detailed techniques are always straightforward and all-inclusive without being overwhelming with TMI overload like so many other courses I've gotten. Honestly, several of them are so much too much with extraneous garbage I was ready to give up until I ran across your stuff. I love that everything on the site is related to the book business and I often feel like I have cheated you by getting so much from you for so little money. People throw around the term "overdeliver" with abandon, but you actually do it.

Sincerely - Vickie Frank-Fields

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Not at all. In fact if you've never published a book before you're in the best position. You're going to be able to get your publishing business started on the right path and you won't be making the costly mistakes I did.

Do I Need To Purchase Anything Else After I Become A Member?
No. That was one of the reasons I put Writecomecom together the way I did. I show you how to do everything from start to finish without spending a fortune.

Will I Always Pay $97 Per Month?
If you lock your membership in now I promise to keep your membership fee to that amount. But if you leave, don't be surprised if the price goes up the next time you come back to rejoin. There once was a time it was only $27 a month to be a member. So that should give you an idea of which the price is going.

What If I Already Had Success with My Writing, Am I Going To Learn Anything Inside?
Maybe, maybe not. But what I would say is that if you go through all courses and information inside and don't find one piece of advice that saves/ or makes you the price of your membership, you can and should, ask for your money back.