Nikhedonia Isn’t Enough Unfortunately

…most of us get it, especially when the cursor’s hovering over the buy button.

Nikhedonia – is the pleasurable anticipation of success you get before any actual work is done.

Unfortunately, most people online don’t follow up on that feeling by getting the work done to bring on that success. – That little flutter in your tummy is nice, but it don’t pay the bills.

It’s like staring at the love of your life, and never asking him/her out.

Or buying a new car every week, and never actually driving any of them.

Now that’s a idiot! you say.

But how many hard drives are filled with the equivalent?

Nikhedonia is nice, but you can’t live on it.

What you ‘can live on’ is to use what you learn and make something from that knowledge.

Take my Clever Coloring Creations as an example.

In it, I show you how to stand on your own two feet by making all your own unique coloring book images.

Now…if that wasn’t enough… could also use it to make a nice income selling your creations on to other folk.

Or, you could sit and admire it’s nice packaging.


Clever Coloring Creations.

PS – I’ve also thrown in 100 images to give you a head start.