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No One Builds A Business On Five Minute Solutions

..a prime example of why you should always use principals over tactics, was shown to me on Instagram today.

Logging in to do my lastest post, the message box showed that someone had been in touch.

I’ll paraphrase it, but imagine this spoken in a hypey car salesman

Hey, I love what you’re doing here. Did you know that you could reach out to a huge audience? This is something we’re great at doing. Get in touch and let’s get you started!’

I scrolled down and saw that Instagram had closed the guy’s account down.


He was so good at his job, he got his own account closed down.

I don’t know about you. But if you can’t keep your own account open, I’d be wary of giving you the keys to my account.

Chances are he, like most folks that brag with screenshots, had a five-minute tactic that worked for exactly that….5 minutes.

And once that window closed, he and others are back to square one.

That’s why principals, although boring and hardly ever shiny, will always win over tactics.

They’re tried and tested.

They work today, and they’ll work tomorrow.

That’s like my latest course.

It’s a skill that’ll always work for you.

Not just today, but in the weeks and months ahead. And it won’t put your publishing business at risk.

The only risk you’ll face is missing out on this great price. 

Barry J McDonald.

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