No One Cares What You Do: The Freedom To Begin

In the world of content creation, many aspiring individuals often hinder their own progress by believing in a peculiar notion – the world is eagerly waiting to see their every move. This misguided belief holds them back from starting new ventures, be it recording videos, writing fiction, or venturing into uncharted territory.

The misconception that your every action will captivate the world’s attention can be paralyzing. You might have experienced this notion at some point in your creative journey. Perhaps, when you first published a book on Amazon’s Kindle Store, you expected a stampede of readers rushing to download and critique your work. Similarly, with your initial foray into podcasting or video creation, you might have anticipated a global audience hanging on your every word and frame.

The reality, however, often proves quite different. When you first embark on your creative endeavors, the statistics are typically modest. Only a handful of individuals engage with your content. But here’s the revelation – no one cares about what you do at the outset. The audience you dream of, the legions of readers, listeners, and viewers, will come later.

Now, this might seem like common sense, but it’s a notion that many find challenging to internalize. The fear of public scrutiny and the expectation of immediate recognition can be crippling. The truth is, the world isn’t tuning in to witness your initial struggles and missteps. Your creative journey is your own, and it starts in relative obscurity.

Embrace this period of relative anonymity as an opportunity. It’s during this time that you can make and learn from your mistakes without the world watching. Your early attempts may not be perfect, and that’s perfectly fine. What matters is the growth that occurs behind the scenes. You’re honing your skills, refining your craft, and evolving into a more polished version of yourself.

As you persist and continue to create, your audience will eventually find you. They’ll encounter a more seasoned and adept creator, blissfully unaware of the journey it took to get there. So, take heed of this truth: no one cares about your early work, and that’s a blessing. Use this freedom to experiment, make errors, and refine your skills. When the world does start to notice, you’ll be ready to impress. Begin your creative journey today, knowing that the world isn’t holding its breath to see what you do next.