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No One’s Gonna Push You Up Hill

No One's Gonna Push You Up Hill
No One’s Gonna Push You Up Hill

…sometimes the craziest thoughts come to me when I’m out walking.

Take the other day when I was thinking about St Bernard dogs.

Maybe it’s cause there’s a new one around the corner from us.

But anyway, I was thinking of them with the little wooden barrel attached to their necks.

Which got me to thinking of mountain rescues.

This then got me to thinking on how people will risk life and limb to carry someone down a mountain.

But never the other way.

Funny that.

That no one will push you up a hillside.

That no one will do the work for you.

And that you need to do all the leg work.

Maybe that’s worth thinking about today if you’re facing your own mountain.

Now…here’s an even crazier thought.

I’m selling one of my best courses for only 7 quid.

7 quid that’ll prevent a lot of wasted time and effort.

Think of it like that St Bernard with its little brandy barrel giving you that much-needed pick me up.

Pick up your copy will it’s still cheaper than a bottle of brandy. 

‘View sure is nice up here, isn’t it?’

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