Not All Progress Is A Good Thing

…the other day someone asked me for my mobile phone number.

“I don’t have one,” I answered.

To say things suddenly got quiet was an understatement.

“You…don’t have a mobile.”


“I don’t know if I’m impressed that you don’t have one,” they answered.

Now, you might think I’m a paid up member of the local tin foil hat wearing party, but I’m not.

Sure, I had them in the past. The last one was a flip phone, which I gave to Catherine, because she’s always paranoid that someone needs to get in contact with her.

But me, being a big introvert, I’m not a big talker on the phone. A text message is usually enough for what I need to say to anyone.

Now I may curse the day, when I’m stuck on the side of a mountain with a broken leg, but for now I like being unreachable – like the way it used to be in the past.

If someone wanted to reach you, they had to drop by your house or ring you on the landline – and not pester you every moment, just because they can.

And yet, I see people stop conversations in mid sentence because the phone rings – and they give more attention to the phone than the people they were talking to.

Or they’re racing off to Instagram, their emails, or Facebook.

Like not having a mobile, the longer you stay away from all of those distractions the more you see them for what they are, empty calories for empty heads.

Sure, they all make you feel that you’re a square, or not with it, because you’re not part of the ground, but I’m happier with a loaded Kindle Fire and a laptop.

I get more time to myself, can create more content that I own, and spend a lot time with people with bigger brains than I have.

This was one course I created with that free time – and one that became one of the most bootlegged courses I ever made.

But, it’s not for the smartphone generation…because you have to do some work instead of looking at the gym bunnies on Instagram.

You’ll find it over here.

PS – I still laugh at all the people that robbed it off me – I doubt there’s a handful that have put it to use.

I shouldn’t be surprised. – It takes more work than scrolling through an endless loop of air brushed lifestyles.