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Nothing Half Full About This Can!

…that’s what it says on the packet of Pringles.

And it’s a good marketing ploy.

Because how many of us has opened a bag of crisps and had to shake the packet to find the few hidden in the corner of the packet?

We’ve all been there….right?

And yet we put up with it.

Same goes for the coloring book, and low content, folk. They buy a package of images, or a ‘wonderful’ piece of software, and are left with an empty feeling of ‘Is that it?’

And for some that’s the case, but not those on my email list. Call me Captain Pringle, but I like selling something that’s filled to the brim.

Today, I’ve actually outdone myself with my ‘Vector Graphic Coloring Book Images 2.’

Yeah, the name mightn’t be original, but if you’re looking for a product that gives, and keeps giving, they go here ye now.

PS – If you’re looking for PNG’s ‘Pretty niche graphics’ for your coloring books, I’d hit the link here.

Vector Graphic Coloring Images 2

It’s a number 2, but far from being a Number 2. – probably lost some people with that pun. 🙂

Grumblers, and empty packet lovers need not apply!

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