‘Oh Barbara, If Only You Had This!’

…if you’ve been around the romance genre for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the great Barbara Cartland.

Probably more prolific than another author of her time, she’s supposed to have written over 600 books in her time, and had over 750 million copies of her books sold worldwide.

Not bad for someone living pre-internet, with no Amazon Kindle store to rely on.

So, how did she write so much?

Very easily. – She simply lay on her couch for two and half hours each afternoon, tucked up under a white fur rug with a hot water bottle. – The writing part was done by her secretary who took down the dictation of the book.

Not bad, right?

No worrying about typing speeds, spelling and grammar, or a ton of other things that other other authors were preoccupied with.

You simply talk your book and let someone else take care of all the other details. – Simple.

However, I’d say ole Barbara could have got more done if she’d just given a writer the bare bones of a story and let them flesh it out for her.

Once they took over, they could handle all the he said/she said parts, leaving her free to work on her next book.

Which leaves me wondering, what if she’d gotten a copy of my ‘Ghostwriting Secrets’?

Not only wouldn’t she have to rely on just one writer, (she could have had a team of them) , but she’d know that each writer knew exactly the type of book she wanted back from them.

Alas, she’s on the next chapter of her life.

You though, could be making good on your own book empire. – Any genre, any age group.

Ghostwriting Secrets.