“Oh God, You Didn’t….”

….”Tell me you didn’t!”

I looked from my sister, Denise, to my mother.

“Well, they were lying there and we took a few.”

“A few biscuits?”

“Maybe, a little more than a few.” I looked at Denise again, this wasn’t looking good.

“How many?” My mother looked at both of us. “How many?”

“Maybe…all the bottom row?” I cringed.

There was no maybe, we’d cleaned out the whole bottom tray.

“You two ate the full bottom row of that box of biscuits?”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“Oh Jesus, I’ve given that away as a Christmas present.” My mother walked away, shaking her head. “God, what will they think of us?”

Yep. My mother gave our neighbor half a box of biscuits as a Christmas present. Nice, huh?

Even now I can picture them opening the box and looking at the empty bottom tray.

Still makes me laugh.


What about the characters in your new book?

Are you sending them off with a half tray, leaving your readers with a feeling that there should have been more there?

It’s a easy thing to fix, and you won’t have any embarrassing moments like my mother had.

Fix them today, here.

Here’s what Eibhlin said after reading it…

“Your A-B-C approach was refreshing, and that alone made me read it differently than, say, “45 Master Characters.” Plus that, some of your ideas showed me new ways to look at my characters… without using l-o-n-g (boring) character questionnaires. Anything that gets me to consider my characters in 3D instead of “just another trope” is a good thing.”

You can pick it up, here.