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Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time…

…Here’s a tale for your coffee break.

Once upon a time, there was a girl whose time had arrived to collect a gift her father had promised her from when she was small.

‘It’s in the barn,’ he told her and led her to it.

Pulling the dust cover off the large rectangular shape, he stood back and showed the car that was under it.

‘A car?’

‘It’s yours. Take it and sell it for the best price you can get for it.’

So, taking the make and model of the car, she went to the local car dealer and asked how much he’d pay for it?


Not happy with the figure, she returned to her father and told him.

‘Try the pawnbroker,’ he told her. ‘See how much he’ll offer you.’

She returned later, still looking disappointed.

‘Only £200’

‘How about the car show that’s on at the weekend? You can ask around and see what the collectors would be willing to pay for it.’

Come the weekend, the old man watched his daughter come running up the path with a grin on her face.


‘£60,000’ she squealed. ‘And they’ll pay me today for it.’

‘Have you learned something from all this?”

‘What?’ she asked.

‘Not everyone will value you and what you have to give. Some people will see very little value in you and what you do, while others will see you as priceless.

– Those are the people you should look for in life and business.’

The End.

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