Once Upon A Time….Stanley’s Story

…Once upon a time there was a young boy called Stanley who dreamed of owning a store of his own.

It was a strange ambition for a young lad his age.

While others dreamed of being astronauts or racing car drivers, he pictured himself standing behind his counter, waving off one happy customer after another.

Many years later, after achieving his goal, he stood watching the open front door, ready for his next customer.

It had been quiet lately. Too quiet.

Watching a couple walk toward his door, his heart sank as they changed direction and walked by.

Where had they gone too? Those people that had been there in the early days?

Looking around the empty store, he remembered back to happier times, when he couldn’t even see across the room due to the throng of people. All with cash in their hands.

Rearranging the daily papers at his hand, to busy himself, the counter space still lay hidden. A month ago there would have been empty counter space there.

If it kept up, he’d have to close soon.
Sad story? There’s a lot of people out there like that.

When they’re making money, it can seem like it can go on forever. When it doesn’t, they long for the good ole days that will probably never come back.

Too busy counting their cash, the last thing they ever think of is getting their customers details, even an email address.

‘It’ll always be this great,’ they think.


– A new mega store opens up in town.
– A new author enters a genre.
– A platform get’s closed down.

And the the party’s over.

Had Stanley known this, he wouldn’t be looking at that once busy door, wondering how long he’d be able to sit out this lean time.

Don’t be a Stanley.

Email Ace.

PS – Just in case anyone’s worried about Stanley’s future, he’s fine now.

He took a gallon of gasoline, burned down the megastore, and everyone’s back shopping at his store once more.

Just kidding!….He didn’t.

He bought Email Ace, and lived a long and happy life.  🙂