Once You Know The Truth, You Can’t Unknow It.

…here’s the truth….your customers are afraid of you.

Yes, you. That big cuddly person that wouldn’t hurt a fly, prays every night for world peace, and wants to give their readers and customers the best buying experience they ever had.

But that’s not how they see you.

As Dan Kennedy once said, it’s like going to bed with a new partner. There’s more than just the two of you in the bed. There’s all the past relationships, good and bad, expectations, family upbringing and a host of other things. – Which all makes for a pretty full bedroom.

Same goes for your readers and customers.

….There’s the guy that miss sold them that second hand car.

….the gal that promised to make them thin in 6 weeks.

…the expert that said they’d be a millionaire by clicking one button every day.

…the girl in the shop who said that their butt didn’t look big in that dress they bought.

All of those people are there when their finger’s hovering over the buy button.

‘Are I doing the right thing?’….’Is this a waste of money?’….’Will I get my money back?’…’I’ve never heard of this author before?’

How do I know? Because we all think like that.

We’re all afraid of giving a stranger our money, and have them run off never to be seen again.

Because of that, you’ve got to build some trust with them.

One way of doing that is simply showing up regularly in an email.

When you do, you don’t come across as a fly-by-night, are always at the forefront of their mind, and they get to know you with minimal risk.

It also isn’t hard to do…you just need one idea a day.

Here’s how I do it.

PS – Or you could just show up once in while for a booty call, and hope they’ve never been in a bad relationship.

Or bought any of the crapola on JVZoo or WarriorPlus.

See ya tomorrow!

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