One Day I’ll Never Forget

….ever have one of those days in your life that always stills with you years after it happened?

Here’s mine.

Growing up, my summers were usually spent travelling up and down the roads of Ireland with my father in his truck.

On the day in particular, I think I was eight at the time, I was helping him unload the contents of a forty foot metal box container.

Normally there was a forklift to do the job, but today it was broke and it all had to man handled.

Forty feet of coach seats and all the fittings that held them in place.

..So…when you’re eight and in a group of adult men, well, you can’t let the side down. So, little Barry put on his best “I’m working hard face” and got stuck in.

I remember the smiling nods I got as I wiped away the sweat from my face after dragging a single seat all the way down the container on the to getting another one…

…I also remember the boxes of metal plates that I dislodged and fell on my legs.

In an instant I went from a standing position to lying flat on my back with my legs covered completely in long flat metal bars. I couldn’t move a muscle from the waist down.

My Dad reached me a moment after he heard me scream.

I watched him throw the bars off my legs as if they were nothing. Grabbing one after another he threw them to the side and dug me out.

Pulling me to him, he dusted me down and looked me over. He was convinced I’d crushed both my legs.

I could end the story there and you’d probably think some kinda miracle happened. Maybe it did, and maybe someone up there was looking out for me. But that wasn’t the part that stuck in my mind the most about that day.

I watched my father minutes later struggle to lift even one of those single bars. In the end it required two men working together to move them.

I know he had adrenaline and God knows what else in his body to do what he did.

But…it also shows that we don’t really know what we’re capable of.

I don’t expect you to go out and starting tossing cars around Hulk style.

But it does make you wonder…

…are you really doing all that you’re capable of doing?