One For The Procrastinators

…from time to time I like to look back through my YouTube videos and study the stats.

Doing so, not only shows me if I’m talking to myself, but it’s a quick way of spotting if someone’s offering my course to every Tom, Dick, And Harry online.

But there’s another thing I notice….how many people buy a course and never go through it all.

Or…how many people buy it and never even look at it.

Now, they may be as, Ben Settle calls them product junkies….who get a dopamine fix every time they hit the PayPal button…or maybe they’re procrastinators.

If it’s the first, I’m sorry but I’ve no advice for you today….other than you need to go cold turkey on your buying habits.

If it’s the second, I’ve a little piece of advice I picked up from Mel Robbins…she of the ‘5 Second Rule’ fame.

(By the way, if you don’t know her, watch her Ted talk today, literally life changing.)

Anyhoo….as Mel explains, there are a couple of things you need do to get a hold of your procrastination.

Recognise it for what it is, a release valve for all the stress in your life.

How so?

Let’s say you’re swamped with money problems, relationship problems, or whatever that’s taking up all your mental bandwidth, but, you’ve got a book you want to write.

Now, the thought of sitting down to write those words is another straw to add to the your mental workload.

Faced with all that, your brain looks for a get out, a way to make life a little better. Just a little something to bring a little sunshine into your life.

And in walks a video of some cute kittens. Or a ping from your favorite social media app. Or a friend turns up on your doorstep.

In that moment…there’s a little entertainment, life’s a little better, and that big bad problem is gone for a while.

Next day, the writing plan comes back up….and the same scenario repeats itself. But it’s not the writing that’s the problem, it’s that you’re using it as way of not doing the only thing you can control….by putting it off.

Makes sense, right?

Your job is to tackle that bigger problem you’re facing.

Sort that money problem, get that relationship under control…and you’ll find it less likely to put the writing off.

Your next step is to forgive yourself for procrastinating.

Because rather than you being a lazy or unproductive person…you’ve been using it as a way of rewarding yourself, by giving yourself a get out clause and trying to make life a little better for yourself.

So thank yourself for looking out for you. Which may sound a little daft, but it’s a lot better than picking on yourself and adding more fuel to the fire.

Your next step is to do the work regardless…even when you don’t want to do it.

As Mel explains using exercising as an example, you’re probably always going to hate doing it, just accept it. If you want that slim body, book written…you’re going to have to do what needs to be done…liking it or not.

And then just do it.

Hope I’ve help a few of you today.

Here’s Mel’s Ted talk video.

PS – Why not use the next 20 minutes of your procrastination in a productive way?