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One Of The Best Ways To Improve Your Writing

….honestly, if this was the only thing you did, your writing would come on in leaps and bounds.

What is it you’re asking?


It’s copy someone else’s writing.

If you want to be a better fiction writer? Then copy a good piece of fiction.

Want to write better non-fiction? Then copy a good piece of non fiction writing.

No matter what type of writing you want to improve…copying others can help greatly.


..when I say copy…I mean…..grab a pen and paper and write the piece out word by word.

Every single, comma, exclamation mark, and full stop.

Yes it’s boring, yes it’s tedious, and yes, you’ll have a tired wrist.

By writing it out by hand helps you to see the choice of words the writer made, the way he/she used those words, and you’ll be copying error free work…no typos.

Every word that was there was meant to be there.

Plus it’ll help you to get into the mind of the writer by osmosis.

Some of which will stay with you after you’re finished.

It’s an old trick, but one that works even today.

Give it a go and watch your writing improve like magic.

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