One Skill They Can’t Take Away From You

…you’ve probably learned a lot while you’ve been online.

Even going back through my courses, you’ve learned how to create a children’s picture book, workbook and learned how to plan and plot your fiction.

All skills that no one can take away from you….you’ll always be able to do…and that you could charge for.

You could easily work with a new unpublished author and charge them for your services.

You could easily create a few story lines and put them up for sale.

Heck…you could even go offline and contact a few local schools and see if they’d be interested in unique worksheets and books for their pupils.

Even go to the same school and offer your publishing services for free.

Huh, why free?

Imagine the PR for you in your local area….

“Local town self published author shows school kids how to publish their own books!”

Apart from the good karma, it’s a way to get your name out there in the public realm for free.

You’d be the local self publishing celebrity.

Think maybe you’d find a few authors, maybe businesses wanting to contact you for your publishing help?

Might happen…and one you could charge for.

Same with email writing…learning and getting the confidence to write emails is something that you’ll always have.

You could take it and use it with your affiliate work. While everyone else is using brain dead swipe files, you’ll be able to come up with unique and interesting emails that sell.

And again you could charge for it. Because there are people that help authors with their email that charge a lot more than I do.

And that’s one reason I’m pulling the course come the 1st of November.

Honestly I could take both of my courses, expand on them, and charge hundreds or dollars using a teleseminar…and more for working with me.

I may do in the future…but right now my focus is on the membership site.

You can learn how I do it here.

But if it isn’t for you..that’s fair enough.

I think I’ve given you a few money making ideas above.

But…like this email…you’ve got to act.

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