One Step, One Punch, One Round At A Time

‘One step, one punch, one round at a time’ – Rocky Balboa

….it can be depressing to look at your results and not see anything happening.

You’ve written three books, a month’s blog posts, or launched a new website, and only activity that seems to be happening is the odd tumbleweed rolling by.

I’ve been there, and still can – from time to time – get depressed with the lack of visible results that I see.

When that happens, that quote above usually bubbles up to snap me out of it.

And like yesterday’s email, there’s somethings you’re never in control of…like when any success is going to happen.

All you can do is do the steps, and, as Rocky puts it, ‘Keep moving forward.’

Hal Elrod highlighted that fact well for me in his book, The Miracle Equation.’

When launching his previous book, ‘The Miracle Morning,’ he gave himself the lofty target of getting his book in the hands of one million readers.

18 months later, he reached that target.

Now you’re probably thinking that it was an instant hit, straight from to 0 – 1,000,000 copies without any hiccups.

The reality was far, far, different.

Looking like the ‘Nike’ symbol, stretched far out of shape, the initial sales disappeared only to quickly grow at it got near the eighteenth month.

In all that time, Hal just worked his process.

He got on podcasts, wrote articles, and talked to anyone who wanted to know more about his book.

For the majority of time it didn’t look like it was working, but he kept going, knowing that eventually his steps would gather momentum and the book would take off.

It did for him, and it will for you.  – Keep working the steps.

Remember….. there’s only one thing we’re in control of, and that’s showing up every day and doing the work.

One step, one punch, one round….that’s how fights are won.

And that’s how you’re going to get ahead in what you’re doing today…..keep moving forward.

PS – You could also race around the neighborhood chasing a chicken…if you think that’ll help.