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One Way To Feel Better About Yourself

…I got two lovely emails yesterday from people who are up and working hard on their businesses.

Everyone else must have been too busy, or too shy to get involved.

Well, that’s what I hope.

Because one…

..I don’t bite.

And two…

…I hope you’re not out there chasing bright shiny objects.

…because that’s not going to help you.

Or…maybe you’re having a tough time, maybe you don’t have anything to celebrate yet?

Been there.

If you’re feeling bad about yourself or having a bad day, a great way to get over it is to help someone else.

And when I say help, I mean you don’t look for anything in return.

Just give for the sake of giving…it’ll do two things.

1 – You’ll feel better about yourself.

2 – You’re helping someone with their problem.

I’ve done it from time to time, when I’ve had a bummer of a day.

It helps to take your mind off of you and your situation, and focuses your mind on someone else’s instead.

Then when you’re up and running, shoot me an email and brag about yourself.

Because if you don’t do it who else will.

Have a great day.

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