Only A Blockhead Does This…

…and that’s…

….writes for free.

This isn’t my quote, but something Mark Twain was supposed to have said.

Whether he said it or not, it does have a merit of truth in it.

If people pay good money for your writing there’s a good chance that it’s not that bad.

If they ask for their money back, well…that’s a different matter.

Also as I covered on the WriteCome blog, if you’re giving away all your  content for free, you probably have a self esteem issue and don’t believe that anyone should pay for your work.

Another thing is giving it away for the lowest price you can.

The bottom of the sales pyramid is always the busiest spot, with everyone selling their work for next to nothing.

On the other hand the top isn’t as crowded, and you need less customers to make good money.

If you’re in doubt, ask Apple how they’re doing.

So your homework today is to pay attention to what you’ve been charging for your work.

If it’s free, put a price tag on it. If you’re thinking of rushing to the bottom, to compete with everyone else, that mightn’t be a wise choice.

Building a list is something that’ll set you apart from the bargain basement sellers.

You can start building with this. 

And you can speak to them daily with this.

PS  – Living on earth may be expensive, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun.