The Best Ideas Come When Your Back’s To The Wall

….as Bob Proctor once said, staying in your comfort can seem like a good idea, but it’s a bad place to be in.

When things are going great, it’s human nature to do what everyone else is doing. To do the same things you’ve always done. And to never put on your thinking cap.

Earl Nightingale tells a story in one of his audiobooks about a rancher that wasn’t able to work anymore.

Faced with the fact that he was going to lose everything, he knew he had to do something. And so he looked at his
ranch in a different way.

He mightn’t be able to work it, but he sure could sell the meat the animals provided.

And that’s what he did. He changed a dying ranch into a thriving meat business.

Had he always been in good health, that business idea would have never come about.  But with his back to the
wall, he called on the one power we all have. – That space between your ears.

Is easy to look at all of what’s going on as the biggest problem we all face.

But coming out the other side of this, I guarantee you that there will be people doing things they never imagined
themselves doing.

And some businesses will never operate the way they used to because of this pandemic.

Those that sit in the corner, sucking their thumb, expecting someone to save them, will never see those new opportunities.

A broken bone always comes back stronger.

A diamond is only created from extreme pressure.

Things may be tough right now, but for every problem, there are solutions.

There’s always an answer to a question.

This here, right now, might be the best opportunity you’ve ever had to come with ideas you’ve never been forced
to come up with.

Take for example, my struggle to come up with a way to help folks create great looking colouring books.

For the longest time, it seemed impossible.

And then I came up with this.

The solution was there for anyone to find. But they probably gave up a lot earlier than I did.

And that’s why they’re not selling a product like this.  : )

Barry J McDonald.

PS – What’s a better way to do what you do? – Don’t give up until that grey matter of yours give you an answer.