‘Money Isn’t Everything, But…

…it takes the sting out of being poor, though.’

Derek ‘Del Boy’ Totter – Only Fools And Horses TV show
If you’ve never seen the show, ‘Only Fools And Horses,’ it was one of the biggest comedies on UK TV, many moons ago.

And with good reason, it was well written and perfectly acted.

We all followed Del, his brother Rodney, and either Grandpa or Uncle Albert, as tried their best to make some quick
bucks out of the back of their three wheeled van.

They usually ended the show looking like they were getting ahead when success was clutched from out of their hands.

But you could be guaranteed one thing, Del would be back working on his dream. His mantra was always, ‘This time next year we’ll be millionaires.’

And it did happen eventually, but he had to go through a lot to get there.

It took a lot of work, putting himself in situations that were beyond him, and doing a lot of self promotion.

Things many Guru’s won’t tell you nowadays. 

We always get the photo-shopped version, either they copy and paste themselves into an attractive background (girl friend, sports car) or they leave out the hard work it took to get where they are.

..well…because…showing up everyday, writing, promoting yourself, working on your business when it’s no bigger than you at the dining table…that’s not secksy.

A push button, 10 second traffic widget is, though. And we fall for it.

Surely in this day and age, with all this technology, we shouldn’t have to work hard, right?


Somethings will never change.

It’s going to take butt in your seat time, and you getting out of your comfort zone.

The stuff on WriteCome isn’t instant or secksy, but if you work it it’ll get you closer to your goal.


PS  – I’d also like to take a moment to give Brenda – ‘BG Jenkins’ a shout out. She’s everywhere at the moment.

I’m beginning to think she’s cloned herself.

If you’re on Instagram, you can find and follow her here.

This Will Make You Cringe…


……a year can be a long time, or a short time depending on what you’re doing. This time last year I didn’t see me…

…creating an email course, a coloring book course, or half of the content in WriteCome.

Heck, WriteCome wasn’t even on my radar a year ago.

…I also didn’t think I’d 365 emails in me, and be able to come up email ideas every day.

….I didn’t think I’d ever be able to speak to camera, because listening to myself on audio was enough to make me cringe.

…I didn’t know that picking up a book by Dan Meredith would have a huge influence. His Facebook group, an even bigger one.

And that’s only part of it.

Now this isn’t me bragging or bigging myself up, because I’m not.

I’m the first to say that I didn’t see any of that coming.

Back then I had a kids picture book course that I wasn’t sure anyone would buy until David Lee Martin told me to give it a go.

If I didn’t take that step, I doubt anything after that would have happened.

Same goes for you.

A year from now you could be a far different position than you are now.

It only takes one step.

Getting out of your comfort zone.

Once you do things that make you feel uncomfortable, make you cringe, and can embarrass the pants off of you, you realise what a fool you’ve been for holding yourself back.

Because it is ‘you’ that’s holding you back.

A year from now you could be in a far different position than you are now.

Who knows what you’ve got locked away, until you take that first step.

And sometimes you’re going you’re not going to fall taking it.

But each time it’s going to get easier.

I know you can do it.


I also haven’t gone back to that first course to listen back to it.  I’d probably cringe at the mistakes in it. But it’s better to look forward than backward.


Going Eye Ball To Eye Ball With A Thousand Pound Cow

…when it comes to remembering dates, things like birthdays even my own kids, escapes me sometimes.

My wife’s birthday is a different story, it never leaves my mind, probably because I know I’d be killed if I forgot it.

…that’s another thing, women and birthdays.

My wife is like a Rolodex when it comes to who’s birthday is when. Me, my head’s like a sieve. But that’s for another email.


…back to the story.

It all began on a cold, damp and foggy night.

I was travelling home on my motorbike, after visiting Catherine at her house in the local town of Dundalk.

We’d only been going out a while, and she’d told me to be careful on my way home, especially as it was late and
I was on a motorbike.

…hey what can I say…she loved me. 🙂

At the time I was still living at home, so it was a ten mile journey, but  one I did on a daily basis.

I knew the road like the back of my hand, and even on a foggy night, I knew where every pot hole, corner, and piece of gravel was.

The one thing I didn’t expect to see, and didn’t see until the last second, was a cow standing in the middle of the

I’ll never forget whistling past it at 70 miles an hour, mere inches from it.

To say my heart skipped a beat was an understatement. If it had moved a foot or two into my lane, I’d had it.

I looked back in my mirror at the black and white shape that disappeared in the fog, and thanked the man above. He’d let me off that time.

Although I can’t remember the date, that moment will always be stuck in my mind.

I’d imagine in thirty years from now I’ll still be able to recall that moment when I came eye to eye with that cow.

But ask me about any other date and I’m left scratching my head and counting with my fingers.

What can I say…I’m a man. Not too much stays for long on the old hard drive in my head.

That’s where calendars come in handy. Even with all the technology that we have, a calendar on the wall is a God

And especially if you’re a man and there’s a birthday coming up. You can’t say you didn’t see the date with the big red X on it.

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