Google’s Changing The Game Again…

…whether you care or not, Google’s changing the game for a lot of internet marketers.

In a bid to tidy up the search results once more, they’re targeting spammy
sites that feature lots of ads and pop ups.

I can see why they’re doing it…there’s nothing worse than landing on a web page that’s got fifty ads all looking for you attention….when you’re looking for
an answer to a question.

And I can see a lot people’s earnings going down the tube because of it.

Facebook is also changing how their news feed is going and featuring less
content that people don’t want to see.

Again, people are going to lose out because of it, and it’s wake up call.

At the end of the day, if you’re playing ball in someone else’s backyard, there’s nothing stopping them picking up the ball and leaving you with nothing.

But if you own the yard and the ball, you’re in control of what goes on there.

If you haven’t got a website with a domain name you own, get one.

If you haven’t got an email list, start making one.

And if you’re featuring all your products on one site, make sure you have a
backup plan if anything happens.

I might sound like ‘Chicken Little’ telling you that the sky’s falling down
but it’s better to be in control than not.

A few weeks from now there’s going to be a lot of girls and boys going home
with tears in their eyes that that big ole nasty Google took their ball home with them.

I don’t want something like that to happen to you.

Make some plans.

I mightn’t have lumber or footballs in the WriteCome membership area,
but I can give you the hammer and nails to get you started. 

PS – How well you play football is another matter.

5 Coloring Book Ideas Inside

…now that nearly all of you have your hands on my coloring book course, don’t limit yourself just to coloring books.

As a wiser man than I am once said, ‘When everyone’s zigging you should be zagging.’

Here’s five ideas you can take and work on today…

– Create a free PDF coloring book and either offer it at the back of your kids book, or on your website as an opt in to get email addresses.

– Go look up the most popular kids names in the US and create a personalised  ids book for each name. – Who wouldn’t want a coloring  book that’s all about them?

– Use it for content on your blog or website. Simply create images using your favourite fonts and  post to your site.

– Mix and match your coloring book images with your work book pages.
You can bulk up your work book’s content and give the child a break from working out their noodle.  – Plus the parents don’t have to  buy a separate coloring and work book, because yours has it all.

– Why stick to just coloring books? Again create images, save them as .png files, and then take them to Cafepress, Etsy, Redbubble and make t-shirts, mugs, wall art, or anything else you want from them.

Whew! I need to sit down after all that.

But there you go…5 ideas you could be using right now…today.

Don’t have a copy of the coloring book course yet?

Go here.

Want to kick butt with 6000 more fonts?

Go here.

PS – And don’t let this new knowledge rot on your hard drive…..go take action.

How To Screen Capture On PC

How Can I Screen Capture On My PC

While there are as many ways to do a screen capture as there are ‘experts’ online, the one that I use and that’s very low cost is using the screen capture software Screencast-O-Matic.

Screen Capture Software Free

Not only it is low cost (as in free), the paid version comes in a lowly $18 dollars a year, which is a lot less than other screen capture products out there. It’s also very easy to use. As you can see from the snap shot below, it’s a simple matter of firing up the software and hitting the ‘Record button’ and getting yourself ready.

Once you do, you’re faced with your recording window. As the image below shows it’s a simple matter of picking your video source, audio source, and click the record button at the bottom. Once you do so, you’ll be face with a 3,2,1 countdown before the software starts capturing video.

Once your screen capture is finished, you can either hit the ‘Play’ button and replay the video, hit the ‘Done’ button and let the software process the video,  or click the trashcan to delete your recording and start all over again.

Comparing the Free And Paid Versions Of Screencast O Matic 

With the free version you get…

  • Gives 15 minute recording time
  • Screen and webcam recording
  • The ability to publish straight to YouTube
  • Save the video file.

With the paid version you get…

  • Water mark in the corner removed.
  • Make longer recordings
  • Draw and zoom on your videos
  • Publish to Google, Vimeo, Dropbox
  • And a screen shot tool.

Here’s an example of a screen recording I’ve done in the past with Screencast O Matic.

As you can see the results are pretty good.

If you’d like to know more about Screencast O Matic or want to pick up a free copy of the software, click here.