The ‘Reasons Why’ Blog Post

…now, while it might seem like I’ve got the gift of the gab and not afraid to blow my own trumpet, the reality is very different. – I’m a big introvert.

Faced with a question like….’How are you any different from your  competition?’

I used to stumble for an answer. – We Irish aren’t good at ‘bigging’ ourselves up.  In fact, we look for opportunities to pull each other down.

Ask any Irish person what they think of Bono and it’s usually met with a…’What a tool!’

Maybe you’re the same too. – Maybe it’s a struggle to find something you do that others don’t.

But it’s something we need a an answer to.

Because if you can’t, then how is your customer supposed to tell the difference either?

Still stumped for an answer?

Then ask yourself, ‘What do you do that your competition doesn’t?’


– I don’t give testimonials for every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s sales letter. – I can count two and that’s it.
– I don’t bombard my list with affiliate offers, just for the sake of a $15 commission.
– I like emailing every day, and aren’t afraid to make a ‘tool’ of myself in them – there’s plenty of proof of that.
– Everything I sell, I make myself. – Because I know it works.
I also haven’t got too big for my breeches that I don’t answer my own emails – and even answer them personally – Shock horror!

…I could go on, and on, but enough trumpet blowing.

If you want to be heard, you’ve got your own trumpet blowing to do. – I can’t do it for ya.

But if you’re looking for an easy way to blow your little heart out – at the push of a button….go here.

PS – Yeah, I don’t do the social thing anymore, I’d rather let the site and podcast do it for me now.

But if I went back I’d still do it the same way.

The American Dream Ain’t That Far Outta Reach

…the other day I was reading that most Americans consider 20,000 bucks as a life changing amount of money.

With it, they could pay off debts, credit cards, and anything else that’s tying them down.

But, for most of those people, they’re probably thinking of the extra hours they’ll need to work, the time they’ll lose out not being able to spend with their families, or ….are stumped as to where that money will come from.

You…on the other hand….have that amount easily in reach.

20,000 divided by 52 weeks is….384 bucks a week.

384 divided by 7 days is….55 bucks a day.

I’ll repeat that…..55 bucks….a….day.

You don’t have to roll up your sleeves and wash dishes for that money.

You don’t have to fill your garage with some MLM junk that no one wants.

You don’t have to cough up a load of cash, and open a store and hire staff that don’t want to work.

You just need a laptop and some internet access….

….and that’s it!

Some times that simplicity passes over people’s heads. – A laptop and internet access.

All you have to do is create something digital….that doesn’t take up space in your garage, or needs to be kept dry…..and a buy button.

‘But what could I sell?’

Your knowledge.

‘But I don’t know anything?’

And I’d reply that I’ve been showing you tons of things these past few months….there’s nothing stopping you putting your own spin on things….or coaching others, teaching what I’ve shown you.

Even if it took you two years, that’s 27 bucks a day.

You can find a lot of that money making knowledge here.

I’m Kinda Like The Guy From The Samaritans.

…Robert Southey once said…

‘I am the founder of the Samaritans. I am the only man in the world who cannot commit suicide.’

That’s what happens when people put their trust in you. – If you go, who do they have to rely on?

In my own case, there’s no point in me telling you that you can make money from your content and then give up up after two weeks when I can’t do it.

Same goes with sending emails.

Apart from them brightening your day – thanks Lynn – it’s knowing that someone out there is expecting my brain fart each day, that forces me to write one.

People are watching. – Not only me, but you too.

You mightn’t think it, but there may be someone out there that’s looking to you for inspiration and a guiding

Show them that you keep getting up when you’re knocked down, that you’re there every day, and they believe in themselves a little more that they can do it too.

If he/she can do that I can do it too.

Will you ever know that they’re watching you? – Probably not.

There’s probably people who have gone through my content that I’ll never meet, or know about, that I’ve made a difference in their life.

Same goes for you.

The easiest thing to do is quit. – But…what if you’re going to burst someone else’s bubble by doing so?

Sure, it puts pressure on you knowing this. But it also doesn’t give you an easy excuse to give up – knowing you could also be responsible for someone’s success.

‘Yeah, Barry, but….who would be watching me?’

– Your kids
– Family
– Friends
– And your fans…..for starters.

Who knows who you could pull along in your wake?

Keep going if only for this reason.