I Envy You…Sometimes…

…I mean, it must be great only sending out one email a month or one a week and having it read.

Knowing the exact subject line to use to get your subscriber to open that email, read through it and then go and taken action on it.

Must have taken a lot of study time….reading books on persuasion and copy writing.

That’s what you did, right?

Like you’re not just throwing it out there and hoping it gets read….are you?


For a minute there I thought you were just praying to the email Gods and then hitting send.

Because that would be silly, thinking that every email hits the subscriber at the right time of the day, day of the week and that they’re looking forward to your email.

Because I know mine sometimes misses the mark, and gets lost in the abyss.

But I don’t worry, because tomorrow’s another day, and maybe I’ll get them then.

“But you…

…you’re good you, you’re good you!” said in my best Robert DeNiro voice as I waggle my finger.

Wonder what Bob DeNiro would say about this?

‘Analyze That’ and let me know what you think?

The Answer To This Question Will Predict The Success Of Your Business

….what is that question?

Simple…what are you going to do with those emails addresses you’ve been collecting?

Because if you’re doing nothing, and looking for the right moment to pounce, you’ve already lost.

Everyday you’re not staying in forefront of your subscribers minds, is another day they’ll forget all about you.

We can see it with even well known celebrities that have passed away. After the first anniversary of their death, they slow fade into obscurity.

In a few years from now kids won’t even know who Michael Jackson or Prince were.

It’s already happened to Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon.

If they can be easily forgotten, what chance do you have if you’re not emailing regularly?

The answer – none.

Every day you let slip by because you don’t know how to write an email is another subscriber lost and the money they could have given you.

Click here now to stay memorable.

You’re Welcome To BMCD FM

“…broadcasting to ya from the the top of the Mourne mountains, and covering all the Newry and Mourne areas, it’s coming up on ten to eight in the evening and this here is…U2 with it’s a beautiful day…take it away Bono!”

Want your own personalised radio station…promoting you and your products?

You’ll find nothing better than email to do it.

A lot of people have a stale and formal mindset when it comes to email, that you need to be professional and sound like you’re got a PhD.

But come on, how long would it take you to turn the dial and find something a little lighter and entertaining?

People open emails to be entertained, have a chuckle, and maybe learn something.

They don’t open them to spend half an hour going through a 1000 word thesis on why they should pay attention to you.

Think of it as mental bubble gum. It’s your radio show to your audience.

If they don’t like it, they can hit the dial and subscribe to another station.

If Pop’s not their thing then they can go find a Rock one instead.

If you opened this email and read this far, I take it you like the tunes I’m playing.

“And now I’ll leave you with a word from our sponsor…

…Are you having problems writing your emails? …Sitting up all night looking at a blank screen? …Then you need …Email Writing For Authors…guaranteed to give you more ideas than you can shake a stick at …it’s what every author

But you better get your skates on… the listeners are waiting for the sweet tunes of your voice.

“…and now here’s an old single from the 80’s…here’s The Cure
with Boys Don’t Cry…”