When Is An Email, Not An Email?

…as you probably know I’m a big fan of re-purposing.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically using the same content in lots of different ways.

If you bought my coloring book course, one thing you could do is reuse those images for workbooks, planners, or t-shirts.

If you’re writing to a blog, you could pull 3 -5 tips from a blog post and use it on your social media images, or use them on tip sheets for collecting email addresses.

Now where was I…

Oh yeah… emails, what can you do with emails?

Simple….blog posts.

Just take your daily emails and repost them to your blog?

If your emails are entertaining, edumacational, and have a link to a product/promotion/website at the bottom, a strange thing happens…

Google indexes that content and over the weeks and months ahead, visitors
can read those emails too.

So even if you’ve only got a list of ten subscribers, you’re going to
find a lot of blog visitors dropping by and taking action on those email
blog posts.

Nice, right?

Want to know how to write those emails, the right way…

…and make them edumacational and entertaining?

Oh…and have an unlimited list of ideas to use?

You do?

Go here.

PS – You could also use these email blog posts to sell your new coloring books?

Wanna guess where this email is going in the next 5 minutes? Right here.

Does Anyone Care?

…”Understand the things I say

Don’t turn away from me

‘Cause I spent half my life out there

You wouldn’t disagree

D’you see me, d’you see

Do you like me, do you like me standing there

D’you notice, d’you know

Do you see me, do you see me

Does anyone care?”

Ode To My Family – The Cranberries




It’s been a funny week in the music world in Ireland this week.

We celebrated Shane MacGowan, (he of…Fairy tale of New York…fame) on reaching his 60 birthday.

Which I think surprised most of us who thought he wouldn’t see 40 with all his hard drinking.

And we lost Dolores O’ Riordan, the lead singer from The Cranberries.

All day yesterday the radio stations were wall to wall with Cranberry songs and people lamenting on her passing.

Listening to the songs brought me back to my time at home, locked up in my bedroom, listening to their CDs on a loop.

Yesterday, I downloaded the albums just to listen to them again.

That last line of that lyric up there stood out for me…Does anyone care?

Seems a lot of people did and wanted nothing more than to ring in with memories of the singer and her songs 

Most people she didn’t know, but her work made an impression on them and was part of their life’s soundtrack.

Sometimes we think that what we’re doing doesn’t make a difference to anyone, or we’ve got nothing to contribute, so we give up and stay small.

But…and I’ve said it before, some of the best ideas, books, stories, and creations are locked away in that noggin of yours.

Not sharing them means you’re depriving us all of something great.

What if Martin Luther King didn’t have a dream?

What if Walt Disney gave up because someone laughed at his first version of Mickey Mouse?

What is the Wright brothers stuck to making bikes?

What if you….

…it’s up to you to fill in the blank.

We’re all waiting on you.


PS  – Does anyone care?
We all did, Dolores.

What Happened When The Red Ship Crashed Into The Blue Ship?

….the crew was marooned.

A poor joke I know, but what canya do?

Like the groan I can hear from that poor joke, I know my coloring book course is going to lead to a lot of other groaning.

Take David, as an example….

 I did not hesitate purchasing “super simple coloring books even though I own an expensive coloring software I purchased from someone else. A bit of advice, when Barry makes a suggestion just do it and think later.”

I don’t know how much David paid for that software, but I’m sure it wasn’t half as easy or as fast as the way I showed him to make his coloring book images.

My new course is going to lead to a lot of groaning, especially when they see how easy it is and how much time and money they’ve wasted.


PS – Did you hear about the old chameleon that couldn’t change colour?
He had a reptile disfunction.

Ah, come on, I couldn’t resist it. 🙂