What About A Sausage? – Major cringe moment

….the table we sat around went quiet.

I closed my eyes and shook my head. ‘God, had he really said that?’

A few moments before, the waitress had asked for our orders. We’d all given them, my sister on the other hand was taking a lifetime to make up her mind.

She was also going through her teenage vegetarian phase. Mostly to piss off my parents.

She looked up from the menu. “There’s nothing here I can eat.”

My dad read back through the menu, and was met with a “No. No. No.”

“She’s a vegetarian now,” my mum said.

Then came the classic.

“What about a sausage?”

Major cringe moment.

That’s what happens when you don’t know what you’re doing, or know what to say.

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Have You Set Your Dentist’s Chair Appointment Today?

before I go further, the dentist chair tip is one I learned from the great Dan Meredith.

So, what’s the dentist chair?

Well, ever had an appointment you can’t get out of?

You’re stuck in the waiting room, twiddling your thumbs, reading through the magazines, and there’s no getting out of it.

For that hour or so, there’s no escape.

That’s what you need to set up each day for your business. – An hour directed toward building your business.

That could be helping folks in forums, and showing off your knowledge.

Commenting on blogs in your niche, to direct readers to your site.

Reaching out to other authors, to see if you could do joint ventures together.

Or contacting podcast owners for possible interviews.

It’s totally up to you.

But it has to be a hour dedicated to get more viewers, readers, or buyers to your content.

Most people never do that. I know I used to be like that.

“I’ll create the content and I’ll be found eventually,” I used to tell myself.

While that might be true, it’s relying on luck to be found. Or creating content over such a long period of time that I
became hard to miss.

Reaching out shortens that timeline.

It also helps to build relationships.

It’s hard to ignore someone that’s helpful. – That’s giving free advice. – That’s commenting on your blog. – That’s sharing your Facebook posts.

And if that person does, you can be sure their followers will come over to see who you are.

That hour is worked on in both the lean times and the good times.

It’s easy to quit when times are good.

But there’s a thing about taking your foot off the gas and that’s that you slow down over time.

You don’t want that.

Now off you pop and start showing off your knowledge, be helpful, and reach out.

It’s something that’ll get you remembered a lot longer than an ad on Facebook ever will.

Add that to something like this and you’ll be hard to avoid.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – The updated version of the keyword course is now in the member’s area.

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