So Many Sales, So Little To Buy

…I don’t know if your email box is like mine, but if it is, I bet it’s full of internet marketing sales.

I swear if I went for all of them, I’d have maxed out at least  three credit cards already.

Ben Settle’s email today got me thinking on this.

How can something that’s worth a hundreds bucks yesterday,
only be worth seven today?

And how is that someone that’s making thousands a month, wants to show me how to do it for seven?

Is the information less valuable today, or is there something going on in the background that we don’t know about?

Ben regularly says ‘Assume everyone is full of shyt until proven otherwise.’

I’d add myself to that.

That’s why WriteCome will always have a 30 day guarantee to all new members.

And it’ll never be lower than the price of a slice of pizza.

One Thing I Hate About Christmas….

….I don’t know about you, but perfume ads at Christmas time drive me up the wall.

I don’t care how impressive your Hollywood actor is at running through walls, riding a motorbike, or spouting a mouthful of gibberish, it’s not going to convince me to buy a bottle of your perfume.

But some companies think that they do, and pay handsomely for an ad that
does nothing for selling.

Same goes with emails.

Just cus it’s no cost to send out an email, most marketers think that they can and should send any gibberish out and expect people to fall at their offer’s feet.


This Christmas my email box was filled once more with the
bland, boring, and robotic.

How many of them do I know any better after reading their emails this Christmas?

– Zero.

How many of them brought a smile to my face?

– Zilch.

How many of them do I look forward to reading?

– Yawn.

Thing is, any of them could have showed me that they had a pulse, could write an original email, and was worth following.

But they don’t.

And they’ll go into 2018 with the same thoughts as those perfume companies.

They’ll throw enough email at the wall and hope that some stick.

Writing emails isn’t hard, being human isn’t hard, finding out to do it also isn’t

WriteCome has two courses that show you how to do it.

You’ll even find an over the shoulder video course that shows you how
to set up your autoresponder.

So you can’t use that as an excuse.

You could enter 2018 doing the same as you did last year and
expect things to magically turn around…


….could go to Email Ace and learn how to do email and put yourself way
ahead of the bland crowd.

Email Ace.