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Dragged Down Into Mediocrity

…although I beat my drum most days telling you that you can be more, do more, and have more, I know I’m doing the equivalent of keeping the tide out with a garden rake.
Truth is…most people don’t want you to be successful. Or see you do well.
Sure, you might have the family members, friends, or co workers, that tell you go to ‘Go for it girl!’….but the opposite’s true.
When you lose weight, ‘You’re getting too thin’….’You’re no fun to eat with anymore.’
‘You’re writing again? Why? Nobody bought your last book. – That’s just a pipe dream.’
‘Why are you reading that book? You hardly watch TV with me anymore.’
‘Meditation? Hey, I heard that does nothing for ya. – Just a way to sell you some expensive MP3s’.
Because they don’t want you to get ahead.
Pure and simple. 
Whether that’s conscious and malicious, or unconscious and ‘that’s the way its always been around here,’ people don’t like examining their own life and lack of results. 
And you getting ahead means holding a mirror up to their life and choices.
People don’t like that.
You’ll find that most folks are like the crabs in the boiling pot. It’s grab all of those around you and make sure no one escapes, than give a helping hand.
So whatever you’re attempting to do this year, don’t expect to get the support you think you’ll get. 
They may be by your side in January, but February and beyond….you’ll probably be met with…
‘You’re no fun anymore.’
‘You’re boring.’
‘You’re wasting your time.’
‘No one in our family is a writer.’
‘That’s OK for kids, face reality.’
Your ‘reality’ doesn’t have to be theirs.
It might be a lonely path ahead, but stick with it.  You’ll be glad you did.
And speaking of good support…
…you’ve got the option to ask me questions when you’re a member of WriteCome. – It’s just another perk of the membership.
You can find all the info here.
PS – Now get off that lazy arse of yours and get back on the saddle.
The more success you have, the better it makes me look.  : )
Go get em Tiger!!!

Why I Love Writing And You Will Too

…there’s not many things you can create once and get paid for over and over again.

Take any job most of do, we put the hours in, get paid for those hours and then do it all over again.

In my own case I used to stack shelves for a living.

…ten mind numbing hours stacking packets of biscuits and jars of coffee. The only variety I had was the odd night I worked the candy aisle…..whoooopeee!


Like a hamster on a wheel, I worked, got paid, and did it all over again.

Ten years doing that. Yeah, tell me about it.

The only thing that kept me sane was the books I wrote on my off days.

Everyone thought I was crazy, but then the money started to come in.

Not much at the start, but it grew and grew.

The best part?

I was getting paid for words that I wrote weeks and months previously.

So not only was I getting paid for stacking shelves, but my books were selling at the same time.

They were making me money while I slept during the day.

…yeah I worked nights too.

I don’t know about you, but life’s too short working at a place you hate going to.

If you want to make a break for the exit door, writing can get you there.


You’re doubting you can do it, right?


– I never studied writing.
– My grammar still isn’t brilliant.
– But I gave it a go.

Don’t try and you’ll never know.

Take my course on writing articles, it’s part of the WriteCome membership.

It’s possible to make money writing simple 500 words articles if that’s what you’d like to do.

You can even sell those article packages to offline businesses.

Write once, get paid over and over again.

What’s not to like about writing, right?

You can find out more about the Article Cash course and everything else members get by going here.

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