An Internet Filled With Plutomania

…throw a virtual rock in any direction and you’ll hit someone that’s killing it, has the biggest online business in the world, or has a virtual following of thousands.

Draw back the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ curtain however, and you’ll find a different story.

Businesses with a movie set building front, and nothing behind it, a social media following that doesn’t read anything you post, and folks peddling the same monkey see monkey do products and ideas that everyone else is.

Welcome to Plutomania….the delusion that you’re immensely rich…..or as I’d put it, making sure no one notices the training wheels you’re wobbling around on….or that rip in the ass of your pants.

I fell foul to that this week myself. A webhost that promised that their business was better than the rest, and then gave up on giving it’s members any support when it was needed. And well, you know the rest….a pain in the
butt that took days to sort out.

Unlike the poolside warriors that don’t believe in building an email list, create products of their own, or build a business that lasts more than three weeks, I pride myself on being anti-plutomatic.

Working from a kitchen table, having four kids, a dog, and a mortgage, kinda means you need more than smoke and mirrors to pay the bills. It also means you’re in it for the long term.

WriteCome, less smoke and mirrors and more….here’s something you can make some real money from….like my Picture Publishing Profits.

PS – The sales letter is gone for now, (didn’t back it up – sigh!) but if you could  imagine taking some of your images and creating a whole host of products you could sell, backed up with a 30 money back guarantee, it’ll give you an idea of what you could be doing.

You also won’t find this anywhere else.  🙂

Cigarettes, Beer Cans, And TV Remotes

…if I was to ask you what a beer can, packet of cigarettes, and a remote control have in common….you’d probably say …”Throw in a box-set on Netflixs, and I’d say that’s what you’d find in most households most evenings.”

Now, while you’ll find many an Al Bundy (hand down the front of his pants) in front of the Goggle box this way, you’d be wrong.

It’s actually what some folk have been taking to funerals as a token to represent the deceased.

‘I’m bringing up this TV remote to show Joe’s love of watching football on the TV.”

“Here’s a packet of Jackie’s cigarettes, she loved nothing more than a good smoke and a gossip.”

“Sean loved a drink down at the local…..


While I’m no fan of the Catholic Church, I can’t blame them for trying to call a halt to the idiots that do this in Ireland.

Again, WFT??

I don’t know about you, but if that sums up your life, you’ve had a piss poor life.

That’s one thing I’ll always be grateful to self publishing for. I’ll probably never come up with a cure for cancer, or invent the everlasting gobstopper, but the fact that I can entertain people all over the world always blows me away.

I’d rather leave this behind me..

“Even though this story was short, Catherine Harper set the scene and developed Shannon and Dominic’s story very well. It’s hard to put down and keeps you on edge.”

….than a TV remote any day.

How about you, what’s going on your lid?

Picture Book Publishing.

PS – I told the kids I’d haunt them if they tried to pull that one on me.