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Lining Your Nest With Cigarette Butts

…while nobody’s happy with our litter problems, – except maybe the folk here in Newry –  our feathered friends are happy to make lemonade from the lemons.

Take cigarette butts as an example.

The clever ones (that aren’t trying to feed them to their young) are using them to line their nests with.

Not only do the filters give the nest a little extra softness, but the nicotine they contain is the ultimate way to keep mites, lice, and fleas away.

Clever, right?

Almost as clever as using images, that are just lying around the web, for your picture books.

Most people never put two and two together and see the potential around them.

You on the other hand, could be different, though.

You could be lining your little nest with this. 

PS – Early birds also get the cheaper price today. It’s going up this evening.

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