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That’s The Way It’s Done Around Here

…how many time have you heard that in your life.

‘Oh you don’t want to do that…wear that…buy that…that’s not the way it’s done around here.’

I remember many years back when I was doing my shelf stacking job. To me the ten  hour shift was a drag, although I could wear my headphones and listen to podcasts all night, ten hours is still ten hours.

Because of that, the busier I could keep myself occupied the quicker I knew it would go.

I remember one night a colleague of mine was in the opposite aisle with half of what I had to do.

He, unlike me, was trying to stretch out the little he had.

It wasn’t long until he came over to me and asked me to slow down because I was showing him up.

‘Keep going like that and we’ll all have more to do,’ he smiled.

But underneath I knew what his comment meant. We’ve got a way around here and we don’t want you making us look bad.

That’s the way things are done around here.

And not just the work place, but other places too.

Take the book business as an example.

You always need an illustrator to create kids books. – No you don’t.

You always need to draw or hire someone for your coloring books. – No
you don’t.

You should spend more time looking for your next reader than looking after your last one.  – No you don’t.

You’ll only have success going through a traditional publisher. – I  think this has been put to bed too.

As Dan Kennedy said once on a podcast, ‘The popular way is the poor way.’

If everyone’s zigging, you’ve got to be zagging.

And as Earl Nightingale added, ‘If you go in the opposite direction to everyone else you’ll probably never make a mistake in your life.

So what can you do, go, or create that’s different to what everyone else is doing?

You may be going in the opposite direction to the herd, but let’s face it not many in the herd are thinking for themselves.

They’re just following the one in front.

Now if they were headed toward WriteCome I’d be joining that conga line.

But as I said, not everyone’s got their thinking cap on.

Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha cha.

PS – Feel the Cuban rhythm. 🙂

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What’s Your Ambition Level At?

…if I were to ask what you wanted to achieve this year, what would it be?

Something to pay the bills?

Something more? Maybe something you can hand down to your kids?

Each of those choices has it’s own ambition level.

Something to pay the bills?

It’s not exactly gonna set you running down the stairs in the morning, keen to get started. You might do a bit today.
Maybe bit tomorrow, but there’s no rush.

Something to hand down to the kids?

That’s a higher level. You’re probably going to do Google searches, watch videos on YouTube, and possibly follow
folk that are at a higher level than you are to find out what they’re doing.

Everyone’s got their own level. And where you’re at, is where you’re at.

Nothing wrong with whatever level you’re at.

Some people have brains to burn, but never want to do anything with them.

They there’s others, who aren’t as talented, but never stop until they get to where they want to go to.

And that’s something you need to keep in mind this year, when you’re looking at buying things, or adding bits on to
your business.

Is it right for you? Are you ambitious enough to reach for that ring, or are you a happy clam right where you are?

So, what’s your level at?

Looking to be more, or happy where you are?

If you’re looking for more, and aren’t ambitious of achieving it, you’re just deluding yourself because you won’t
do what needs to be done.

You’ll look for hand holding, someone to do it all for you, and you won’t do even a Google search for any answer to your problem.


If I’ve triggered you by saying that, I’m glad. Maybe there is a spark in there after all looking to be more.

But it’s up to you to light that fire.

And one of the best ways is with a pen and paper and my ‘What’s Your Story?’ video course.

Which you can pick it up here.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Yes, there’s no sales letter. But I’d rather you watched the videos, and put the work in. – It’s well worth it.

Happy clamers! There’s nothing to see here, you can skip on by.