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Beware Of Kicking Strange Footballs

….Picture the scene.

A crowd of kids are waving to you to kick their football back.

You nod and smile and kick their soccer ball back in their direction.

You walk away with a smile, thinking you’ve done something good.

Now picture the same scene, but someone has put a rock in said football.


Sad, but it happens. I heard of a man that did it, and broke a few toes in the process.

That’s a lot like the recent emails I’ve been getting lately.

“This is the best social media software ever!”

And you go get it.

“This is the best social media software ever!”

And you go get it.

Like breaking your toes on stone filled balls, you’re duped into giving the next one a kick hoping it’s the real deal.

Stop kicking stone filled balls.

I’m sure your toes and wallet will thank you for it.

12 Surefire Ways To Sell More Books

You’re welcome.

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Scratch That Itch

…I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get a creative itch I gotta scratch.

Take a few years back when I had the idea for a fantastic fiction piece. Hey it was my idea, so it had to be fantastic. 

To cut a long story short, literally, the story was about a guy that had to knock down a pedestrian at a crossing to clear off a huge gambling debt.

For days I could see the character mulling over the can I/ can’t I conversation in his head. Would he do it? I could even see the Hollywood version of it.

And like an itch that I had to scratch, I knew I had to write it, or have someone write it for me.

I went with the second route and that book is now in the Amazon kindle store. (Blood Money – Robert D Connors.)

Of course that book took off and I made a squillion dollars.

It didn’t.

Thing is, I didn’t care.  The fact that that story line I dreamed up is out there is both amazing, and it relieved that itch I had.

Sometimes it makes sense to take the route to where the majority of customers are, but sometimes you’ve got to scratch that itch of yours.

Just to say you did it.  That you’ve it off your list, so you can move forward.  That’s how a lot of things I did came about.

The kids books, work books, fiction, video, email writing, all itches I needed to scratch.

So what’s your itch? What keeps up at night? We can all get carried away with the making money thing, but sometimes you gotta get something out of your system.

That’s why most people like the WriteCome site. I’ve had people tell me that they’ve got into fiction writing because of one of my courses. And that makes my day.

I guess Writecome’s kinda like the equivalent of classroom full of kids with head lice. Where my itching for course making, causes others to scratch their creative itches.

Get in today and you can also pick up the latest Easter goodness that also dropped.

Want to scratch that itch?

PS – Tempted to scratch your head right now? I knew that head lice reference would get ya. 🙂

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Because No One Remembers Normal

….in the 1980’s, Saturday’s with my gran involved watching a lot of wrestling. It also involved a lot of screaming at the TV.

There was the usual lineup of the good, the bad and the completely crazy.

While the good guys usually got the most applause and cheering. It was the complete crazy ones that stuck with you long after the show ended.

The fact that they didn’t look normal, went against the crowd and did things that you (as a eight year old boy) would love to do, made them stand out from the rest.

Normal is easy to forget.

Writing Harry Potter clones, sending the same emails to your readers as everyone else does, and being afraid of showing off your personality and quirkiness, means you’re putting yourself into the big bland ball of normality.

On the other hand, do the things others are afraid to do, or don’t do, means you stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

It worked for Lady Gaga.

Normal is bland, boring and can be easily replaced. Ask your readers.

Abnormal characters on the other hand, can stay a long time in your readers minds.

How can you do that?

I’m glad you asked – go here.

PS – “You know you’re a really boring person when someone steals your identity and then tries to give it back.”

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