Pains, Strains, And Automobiles

….or maybe a better subject line could be…”Is there a doctor on the ship!”
….It all began when me and a pregnant Catherine decided to take a neighbors child with us to a seaside town in England for a three day holiday.

Halfway across the Irish sea she started to get bad pains in her lower back and belly.

“Oh God, not contractions” she said. “I’m not far enough on.”

“It’ll be OK,” I said, calling over a steward.

“My wife’s not feeling well.”

Hence the doctor on the ship statement. 

While she was being taken care of, me and Sonja were taken up to the Captains bridge for a tour.

I think they thought it was a good distraction for the child. 

I should have also said, Sonja had never been on a ship before, or been to England, so this was turning into a great holiday for a 7 years old.

Once we docked in Liverpool, we were put in an ambulance and rushed to the local hospital.

After a few hours there, we were told that the baby was fine and we could go on with our holiday.

…So we went to our hotel and made ourselves comfortable.

Next day, while me and Sonja were swimming in the hotel pool, my name was called out over the intercom.

“Your wife’s after collapsing, we called an ambulance,” the receptionist told us.

…back in another ambulance and again whisked off to another hospital.

Seems the first hospital hadn’t seen Catherine had a bad kidney infection, thus the reason for the pains and her collapsing.


We realised that we couldn’t go back home on the ship, in case it flared up again.

…so we bought three tickets on a small propeller aeroplane that was leaving for home the next day.
Next day…

“This is exciting,” I said,strapping myself into my seat beside Sonja. “A ship, two ambulances, and now a plane, you can’t say it’s been boring.”

With that, a 737 aeroplane turned on it’s engines full blast, lifting our little plane up on one side and sending us flying sideways.

Thankfully no way was hurt, and Sonja got a certificate for taking her first flight.
Now when we tell that story to friends they find it hard to believe it all happened. But it did.

You couldn’t make things like this up.

And yet, there’s crazy stories like this happening all over the world.

Take the guy in the U.S that got locked in the ATM machine. Now that was a guy having a bad day.

So if you’re scratching your head for story ideas for your book, why not use something like that as a starting point?

And then build a story around it. It’s easy when you know how…