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Parents Say The Craziest Things…..

….many years ago we had a TV show that was basically about kids saying embarrassing things to a presenter while their parents looked on in horror.

I think an adult version is well overdue.

My own father came out with a few classics of his own when I was growing up.

You probably remember the…

‘Why don’t you have a sausage?’

…conversation he had with my sister when she announced that there was nothing vegetarian on the hotel menu.

I swear I don’t know how the waitress didn’t lose it.

I know I didn’t.

Another cracker was the..

‘I know I can’t swim, but when the time comes and I hit the water, I’ll know
what to do.’

…conversation he had.

Thankfully he never had a chance to prove that theory while he was alive.

Because I know one thing about that assumption.

Most people’s impulse when they hit the water is to scream a lot, splash around a lot, and sometimes sink a lot….

….not suddenly turn into Michael Phelps.

But no matter how much I tried to pick holes in his statement he always stood
by it.

‘It’s just like a dog, they don’t know how to swim and they can do it.’

It still makes me chuckle.

I had my own goof up earlier, when I didn’t turn on the buy button on my new Fontasitc product.


I’m sure my dad’s looking down, having a chuckle at that one.

PS – I’m also sure I’ve given my own kids plenty of ammunition they can use against me too.

But I think they’re saving it for the right time.

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