Play By Your Own Rules

….A good while back I had an offer from a publisher in Australia for my books.

Long story short…it fell apart.

Not on my side, but on theirs.

In essence, I was told that they liked my books, but it was too much like what they had already. But come back when I’ve got something new to show them.

Will I?

What do you think?

Honestly I don’t know how authors in the past did it, bowing and scraping to get the golden nod and have their book published.

Nobody sets out to make a bad movie, just like no author sets out to make a bad book.

I don’t think anyone locks themselves away, shuns friends and good times just to produce a piece of junk.

We all try our best and we’re all learning. Who knows, today’s crap could be tomorrows treasure.

If you want to make art, even if it’s only to please you, go and do it.

I might be the equivalent of a B movie director, but fan’s like my work. That’s more than any pencil pusher will ever have.

So, chin up, keep producing and play by your own rules.

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PS – Who knows what publisher will come after you?