Pointing Out The Obvious

…the other day I was listening to Earl Nightingale’s Lead The Field. In the program he mentioned that most people in business know the basics of their business and nothing beyond that.

Take real estate people for example. Earl jokingly called them tour guides.

And it’s so true.

Ever had a tour around a home with one of them?

‘This is the bathroom…this is the bedroom …this is the kitchen…this is the back garden.’

Each time pointing out things that even a five year old could work out for themselves.

But rarely will you get one that can build a picture in your mind of the hidden potential of a home.

‘You could knock that wall out to make more space….the guy next door turned his garage into a room and added twenty five percent onto the value of his home….’

Instead you get a ‘this is a bedroom.’

That’s like the folk that sell coloring book content.

‘Put these images into a document and sell it….when you need more, come back to me and I’ll sell you more content
you can put in your next document.’


Me, I like selling you something that you can go out and go anything with. My vector coloring image course is like that.

Rather than tying you to only one route for your coloring book images, the whole Internet now becomes a possibility for you.

You can buy from the  ‘This is a bedroom’ people, or you can buy from the ‘Here’s the bedroom, the house next door, heck I’ll even throw in the whole street with your purchase.’

It’s a no brainer.

PS – Kinda like the ‘This is a coloring book image’ folk.