Police On ‘Poo’ Watch

…Poo? Why are we talking about poo?

I’ll tell you why.

Believe it or not, there’s a drug dealer in the UK who’s refusing to go to the toilet because he’s carrying a supply of class A drugs in his gut.

And he’s so committed to not going to jail…he’s clenching his teeth and his butt, this past 20 days so he won’t ‘hand’ over the evidence.

How long can he go?

Who knows?

But he’s remaining tight lipped.

That’s like a lot of marketers/authors and their emails… they walk a very thin
in case they annoy someone, cause offence, or God forbid make anyone
hit the unsubscribe button.

You’ll know these people because they’ve got the unsubscribe button buried far off the page… and they’re constantly giving you freebies to keep you opening their emails.

Thing is, their subscribers can sense this.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen that I don’t go down that worn out route. Why? Because I’m….me.

You either like me…or you don’t.

As I said in Email Ace, you wouldn’t want a Guns And Roses audience at your One Direction concert.

Same goes for you…even if you’re starting to build an email list and only got three subscribers, be yourself in front of them.

Now where was I….

….oh yeah…mention Email Ace.

Email Ace, where even weird and wacky news can become subjects for your daily emails.

PS – And that’s only one idea for your emails.