Pooping In The Kitty Litter

…the other day I came across a story that made me laugh at it’s cringeyness.

Because who doesn’t love to laugh at someone else’s misfortune?

What was the story?

It was about a girl going around to her fella’s house. And probably not going out long, and wanting to make a good impression, her blocking his toilet with a poop wasn’t a good start.

So, looking for an escape, she noticed his cat’s litter tray and hid the evidence there.

‘Did you poop in the kitty litter?’ she was asked, a few minutes later.

‘Me? No. Why?’

‘Because my cat died last week.’


I’d imagine that silence, in those few seconds, were the longest that girl ever faced. And I’d imagine she’ll never forget that moment.

That’s probably the same uncomfortable silence those folks that sell coloring book images felt when I released ‘Vector Coloring Images.’

Because it brought an end to their relationship with your wallet forever.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Moral of the story…if you’re gonna blame the cat, make sure it’s still around.