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Powerful Candlemaker Marketing Tips

…the great Dan Kennedy would often, before getting on a flight, grab an armful of random magazines off the rack and read them.


Because he knew that in one of those magazines he’d get an idea he could make money from.

A headline from this article.

A product from the classified page.

A story he could use in a sales speech.

All things he would have never come into contact with because these magazines were outside his niche.

And, in a world of monkey see, monkey do, his competition would never think of doing any of those things.

Now, you’re probably saying what’s this got to do with a candlemaker?

Well, I’ll get to that.

The other day I came upon a TikTok video by a candlemaker that was getting free publicity from his customers.


Two small stickers.

The first one, on the outside…thanked the buyer for purchasing the candles and told them that they’d love to keep in touch. He then simply asked the buyer to take a photo of the candles, use the business hashtag when posting, and that they’d feature their photo on the company’s social media accounts.

The second one, on the inside, was placed on the wrapping. It told the buyer not to open the wrapping but to go get a camera and record an unboxing video.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that to me is genius.

Because if you have an unboxing video, it’ll never stay on that person’s phone…it’ll go on social media.

And…it’ll capture that person’s initial excitement at seeing those products for the first time.

Two small stickers, and tons of free publicity.

And all by putting those thoughts into that buyer’s mind.

Because, let’s face it, how many of us would think of doing either of those things?

Probably zero.

So, how can you prompt your buyers to talk about you?

Could you have a prompt on page one of your fiction book, asking your reader to post a screenshot of your book, and then post it with your hashtag?

Could you have a coloring competition for the best-colored page from your coloring book? – With all entries needing to be posted on social media.

Could you ask for an unboxing video of your latest planner, and ask your buyer to record how they’re going to use it?

Moral of the story…If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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